Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Giveaway winner

I actually should have posted this earlier, but been so tired! Getting a flight at 6:30am isn't one thing I'd recommend!

I wanted to thank everybody for being so supportive, your nice words really make my day!
This blog has kept growing even when I was away, and this is something amazing after coming back from such a tiring journey.

Anyways, here I am with the giveaway's winner!
I've been focusing a lot on the giveaway and mokomoko and haven't been putting much interesting stuff here so far, but I swear this will change soon! I have a few things coming up, so wait for them! said that the winner of the giveaway is... *drum roll*

Congratulations Yi-Lin! I've already sent you a mail c:

I have a post from my London trip getting ready to be posted here, but I don't think I'll post much more about it here, so if you're interested, most of my London entries will be posted at Moko moko love.

And that's all for today! Have a great week!

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