Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deers are addictive, and come in many forms.

This time, said deers are coming in balloon form.
There's this webpage, Doodlers anonymous, running this showcase where everybody had to paint balloons. Any media or theme was allowed (no computer allowed tho).

Here's my profile on DA, not much for now, I just sined up! haha

The deadline was today and I barely made it! phew.

So, into the balloon project.
The start

You can see here where the deer comes from.
And yes, I do agree with you, the sketch is way much better.

Btw, I just made available this second picture as a Pingg invitation. Don't hesitate to use it! c:

Final piece for the showcase. Please, vote for meh! ♥

So, does it look like a deer at all?

And remember, vote vote vote for me! haha
I promise to reward you somehow♥ (if you have any suggestions, leave them in a comment, because I don't have any idea how you'd like to get rewarded ♥)

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