Sunday, January 30, 2011

I keep forgetting...

I keep forgetting posting about this, but cool things keep happening and I want to talk about them all, so better post about them so I don't forget anything.

First-I got a couple more ilustrations posted on Amelia's magazine.
You can see both at full size in their respective articles, just click them!

Still Corners by Amelia Gregory

Tom Hunter's memory lane by Jessica Furseth

Second-I recently got interviewd in my friend's design and visual culture blog. Which is only in Spanish, but still. Christian's so kind and cute and cool, you've gotta go read his blog even if you just understand a little bit of spanish! Show him your support by commenting on his entries so he keeps updating his blog!♥

Third-last week, the people from La fábrica de sueños invited me to participate in their collective expo. This is the first time I'm invited to participate in something like this, so excited!

Click on the pic to see my profile in La Fabrica de sueños.

The theme is about food, every artist chooses a recipe, and makes something out of it. There will be ilustrators, painters, musicians, fashion designers (I think), and more.
You can always visit La fabrica's site or La Fabrica's Facebook to see past exhibitions to see what kind of work they like to show.
The expo opens on February 12th, so if you're in Barna by that time, stop by and say hi!

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