Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Momo's tattoo

This is something I made a couple of years ago, at a friend's request, since she wanted to print this in a t-shirt.
It was supposed to be silkscreen-printed, but as you can see, the drawing has too many colors so she used another design.
Still, after that she told me she liked it so much, she'd get it all tattooed, which will be quite cool if she eventually does it (which now she can do since family issues are no longer in the way).

I don't do this kind of thing everyday, but it was a lot of fun. I may do a pattern or something with it if I can manage to find the original .ai file


  1. omg! com se'l faci em moro d'amor! ES PRECIÓS!!

  2. Qué bonito, en camisetas debe quedar genial. *_*
    (yo no sé hacer cosas tan complicadas con el Illustrator ;_;)

  3. @genie diu que si! pro sera dels grans, aixi que tardara una mica!

    @Laura graciass <3 pues era un diseño para una camiseta en principio! jaja
    En realidad no es tan complicado, solo es paciencia. Hice el dibujo a mano y luego solo era repasarlo XD (ala, ahi van mis secretos, ya me has destapado! XD)

  4. An incredibly cute illustration <3 ;) x

  5. This is so cute!!<3 It makes me think of Angelic Pretty's prints. The colors are perfect too; so sad it didn't work with silk-screen.

  6. @miaou miaou thank youuuu <3

    @dish aw thanks <3
    haha I'm so flattered! AP designs really are super cute!
    It didn't work because i couldn't focuse and use only one color XD but it's ok, it can still be done in vinyl c: