Thursday, March 21, 2013

Outer Edit: together we make awesome!

Outer Edit is a project launched by a group of Singapour enterpreneurs with a very clear idea in mind. From their own website:
OuterEdit works with some of the world's top creative people to make artwork through a fresh online & real-time, 5-way collaborative format we call the 'O/E Collab'. Showcasing the acclaimed creatives' graphic skills and human take on the O/E Collab challenge as a group, the top-'hearted' artwork ultimately get inked on carefully constructed OuterEdit tees and are made available on our online store for the world to buy, and buy-into.

This is our representative image, made up of bits a pieces from each of our group's participants.

 And this project is what I'm currently working nonstop on. This means I'll be continuously spamming my twitter, FB page and blog in hopes that every single one of you will vote for my designs. Which will make me love you forever and ever.

If by any chance you already own an O/E account (and if you don't, hurry up and set one up asap!) you'll be able to find a fairly recent picture of me in my profile (no).

It officially goes live on the 22nd, and my group and I (un-official Barcelona team) will be drawing space invaders, aliens, UFOs and the coolest stuff we can think of, so please come over and support us!

Pss... my first artwork is already up!

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