Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eleanor is such a cute girl!

Remember the drawings I did for Miumiu's SS2011? They made it to my friend Bianca's zine for the winter issue!
Eleanor (for the nerdy, geeky and oh so cheeky) is a super sweet zine run by a super sweet graphic designer (Bianca) , with lots of contributors and interesting articles and contents created by the various contributors the zine has.
I could describe the zine here for you... but I prefer you to go and explore it yourself.
(pss-there's a feature on analog photography which I loved! But I'm not telling any more than that!)

Seems like I can't, or my brain right now doesn't want, to embed the zine here.
So you'll have to go to the zine's blog and read it over there. And, if you like it, you can read all the past issues c:

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