Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jena Theo show in LFW for Amelia's Magazine

   All the people at Amelia's magazine are busy with the London fashion week right now, and I couldn't be less.
 As you can see in Jemma's article, I got a couple of ilustrations included in her review for the Jena Theo  show. And I'm pretty much happy about how they came out!
 I usually don't have the time to spend so much on a couple of ilustrations, but I spent this past weekend working on them (not the two full days, but most of it), had the time to muse over them, and most important, enjoy them, which I think shows.

   You can see these at full size (and read Jemma's article) in Amelia's magazine, as always.
   A couple more of ilustrations are waiting to be posting, plus a few more coming. So excited to have a nice excuse to draw catwalk shows!

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